Saturday, May 04, 2013
Internet Download Manager (IDM) 6.15 Build 9 Full Version. Now i give you guys a fresh version of Internet Download Manager, IDM 6.15 Build 9. This software has been updated again a few weeks ago, the one that i'm going to give here, is the second latest version, the most latest update is attained the version of build 10, while the one that i'm going to give here is build 9.

Oh, man.. Cut it! You're messed up :)

The most latest update was announced on April 31, a few days ago. The bad news, you have only two options, Buy it or Trial Version. The good news, i'm going to give you the full version. The bad news, the full version that i'm going to give here is making use of patch and it's build 9. The good news, build 9 is update of April 25 and it's working.

What is IDM Anyway? As its name, Internet Download Manager is a downloader software, it's lovely and powerfull software to handle your downloads, it's capable to boost your download speed surprisingly (Yeah, but it's too much).

How To Install Its Internet Download Manager?

Take a look here to download the software: (4.8MB)
And here is the patch: (600Kb)

1. Run/Install the IDM 615.exe.
2. Close the program as you get done with the installation proccess, don't run the software. However, if it's automatically running itself, then close the program, you can use your task manager for help.
3. Run the Patch that you've just downloaded (Right click on the file then click Run as administrator) >> Click "patch" >> Specify user name (Twice: first and last name) >> OK.
4. You're done.

Easy right? What i worry, is that i don't know who made the patch, is he a good boy so the software is realy safe from viruses? I don't know that. So, if you'd like to install the software, then install it at your own risk. And i advice you scan using your antivirus before you install the files. Is everything cool? :)


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