Friday, May 10, 2013
Google has added 5 more languages to Google Translate: Javanese, Bosnian, Cebuano, Masathi and Hmong. Thus, the translator now knows 70 different languages to translate for you. Beside from the official website itself, those 5 new languages are also accessible from many places on the internet, like Apple and iOS apps, Chrome, Gmail, and more.

If you speak any one of the 5 new languages added, google will salute you with the following messages:

Bosnian: Google Prevodilac sada podržava više od 70 jezika!
Cebuano: Google sa Translate misuporta na karon sa kapin sa 70 ka mga!
Hmong: Google Translate nim no txhawb nqa tshaj li 70 hom lus!
Javanese: Google Translate saiki ndhukung luwih saka 70 basa!
Marathi: Google भाषांतर आता 70 पेक्षा जास्त भाषांचे समर्थन करते!

Google estimates that more than 183 million people around the world speak the five languages combined, so the update is quite important anyway.

However, except Bosnian language, the rest of the languages are currently still in alpha stage of their existence, it means that the quality of the 4 new languages added are not perfect yet, but Google promised will improve it continuously.

Speak english, i'm a javanese. It's however more complex to build the translation for my local language, the teritory is realy large, some speak using "O" and some speak using "A", and google takes A for it seems the right choice i guess.

I even speak sundanese, west teritory of java island. I speak Indonesian too, jakarta native language and yet my national language. I even understand Papua New Genue and padang language a little bit. There are many languages in my country, more than any other country has perhaps. 27 more teritories of indonesia, most of those have their own local language.

What local language do you speak Indonesian?


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