Friday, May 24, 2013
Last March Opera released a brand new version of Opera browser for Android Smartphones, it was first release, it was beta. Now Opera has updated the browser and now it's no longer using Presto engine like the its previous version used to, the new version is running on the more ubiquitous WebKit engine. Of course it also brings some new features out of the Webkit engine, even it brings a new UI, and that now it's no longer beta version.

The new engine is fast and responsive and works well across websites, better than the old engine. Some of the new features are a new tab mode that shows thumbnails of your tabs on top of the page, new speed dial mode that allows you to rearrange your speed dials and even put them in folders, off-road mode that compresses data significantly before sending it to your device, automatic text wrap, improved download manager, customizable navigation bar that can be docked at the top or the bottom of the screen and a discover mode for finding curated content right in the browser without having to go look for it.

You can download the browser from Google Play Store:


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