Saturday, May 18, 2013
Photograph, filtering, sharing and editing pictures is one of the most common activities that smartphone users do almost everyday, Instagram is probably the most favorite app that's been sucessfull here. Instagram is good, it's lovely and adorable, it's as great as the big number of users use the app. The sad news for some smartphone users, blackberry users, is that the app doesn't support their smartphones, it's a little disappointing, and it makes those to find another photograph app to power them in editing and sharing photos.

Here the PicMix comes, one of the best photograph apps that you can run on Blackberry or even Android smartphones that you have. I'm sure the app is not as perfect as instragram, but i can assure you that it's lovely enough and worth a try on your Blackberry smartphone, the app has been popular anyway, it's reached at least 10 million downloads on Blackberry world.

PicMix itself is developed by Calvin Kizana, it was developed for use with Blackberry smartphones only, but today it's available for Android smartphones too. The app first came up to public on Blackberry world in march 2012, the first month it's existed it reached a million downloads, and now it reached 10 million downloads as it's been a year since its first impression. Yes it's not realy a big number, but i guess it's not too bad, it would be called the most wanted app if it reached a billion downloads right?

Download PicMix For Android And Blackberry Smartphones

Download this app from Blackberry World or Google Play Store for android smartphones. Copypass the links below on your address bar:

Link for Blackberry:
Link for Android:


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