Monday, January 23, 2012
Commonly, blogger default template is set to load navbar (navigation bar) on the top side blog. From all appearances it could be much usefull for blogger nor it's "strangers" as it contains some links to quickly go to some specific pages like blogger home page, sign in page "+ sign out option", design page, page to report abuse blogs, etc. However, just like what poeple say over time that everybody has their own style and passion, some bloggers are not willing and preffer to set it hidden. Just maybe, the most likely reason they hide it up is because to them it affects the view of their blogs. Or, maybe they mean to make their blogs look more profesional, which, a profesional blog shouldn't load such a navbar on the top side. Maybe...

Well, let's get down to the bussiness everybody - According to my experience, it seems that you won't be hard anylonger to find a template that doesn't include navbar along on it. Cuz today there are lots of templates made by general template designers are set by default not to include it. Yet, for you who have already made use as yet of a template with a navbar on its top side, and that you're too much loving the template to change it with the other one, you can as well hide up the navbar manually/by modifying the template itself. Just make the following way:

1. Loggin to your blogger.
2. Go to design.
3. Edit html.
4. Check the "expand widget template" box to load the whole code of your template. And later, copy the entire code in the box for anticipation of any mistakes that you may make when modifying the template. Or just simply download the code through the link provided in the page.
5. Copy and then put the code below just beneath the tag < head> or above the body {

Here is how i made it on my template:

< head>
(here could either be filled with another code or otherwise not)
Blogger Template Style
Name: Blogger Theme
----------------------------------------------- */

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;
body {
background: #... ;
width: ...px ;
color: #... ;
font-size: ...px;
font-family: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana;
margin: ...px;
padding: ...px;
#wrap {
(and much more codes are here)

6. Save your change and done.

That is how to set your navbar hidden. So easy... In my next post, i'll tell you how to add a facebook comment box on blogger. Just wait if you're interested.


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