Thursday, January 26, 2012
I hate to say this: I don't have any device with its android os. Even i just don't know "Actually, what's android that poeple are talking today? - But whatever, just like what i meant to disscuss, let's just talk about the handler app for that kind of confusing thing that i copypassed from its official site. Here it is (i mean: here is what ykhandler said)

I'm still learning about my Android phone, and i dont know if this apps will work or not (Failed to use CGI trick).

Ok, lets get into it.

We'll start with the minimum requirements, to make sure that you're ready to go or not:

1. You need to ROOT your OS (this is required because the one that i mod is a System Apps).
2. Android Version at least 2.1 (froyo), recommended gingerbread (I'm using it).
3. Market (Mine is version 3.4.4).
4. HandlerUI100.apk .This is the UserInterface to change the HandlerUI configurations. You can install it without ROOT.
5. DownloadProvider.apk & DownloadProviderUI.apk .The apps that handles the downloads of apps from the Market.
6. A file browser that can access root folder. Recommended Root Explorer.

Now, what will this apps do?

This apps will handle the Download from Market to pass through HandlerUI. But keep in mind that Browsing the Market is not through HandlerUI (I haven't take a look if it is available to be mod or not). The procedure that you must do:

1. Download and put it on your Device: HandlerUI100.apk, DownloadProvider.apk & DownloadProviderUI.apk
2. Run Root Explorer, then go to /system/app , Backup/Copy your original DownloadProvider.apk & DownloadProviderUI.apk from that directory to other else so if you failed on this, you can still recover it.
3. Copy the DownloadProvider.apk & DownloadProviderUI.apk that i provide it to you to /system/app using Root Explorer (make sure you already press "Mount R/W" button before you press paste in /system/app).
4. Install HandlerUI100.apk and run it, don't forget to press Enable HUI to make it work.
5. Open Market and try to download any apps.

Notes: Don't Uninstall HandlerUI without restore-ing the original DownloadProvider & DownloadProviderUI.apk

Do all this at your own risk. I dont responsible of any damage that it will cause. Please respon me if it work or not.


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