Friday, January 20, 2012
Well, it's been a while i haven't posted any articles for this blog. And now, i'd like to post, or let's just say it "share", about my experience on creating creating images for blog header. As you too knew everybody, images for blog header are necessary to fit the size of the blog header column itself (maybe) in order to look more perfect, or more beautiful, or whatever the terms. There are two options that you can choose to create / resize your images:

1. By using a tool/software, which you may find it in the internet. There are so many that you'll probably find them for easy. Just type in your keyword on google search and later you'll see if you get some a few minutes after your search.
2. Maybe you can say this is an alternate or another way: By making use of online image resizers that are already spreaded over on the net. And that's it, i'd like to disscuss about this.

According to my experience, not every online image resizers are set to just so undertake what the user is ordering. I mean: the user will have to addhere to the standard sizes that the owners have set in case of resizing the image. For example: if you're uploading an image with 20px high and 30px wide, then the image is to go for (for example) 40px high and 60px wide. Or, 50 x 70, 80 x 90, 200 x 300, and just so on. Again, "For example".

It could even be more unsatisfiable, they limit the resizement for certain sizes according to the original images the user has uploaded for a reason that they say "to produce the best image quality". In simple: if you're uploading an image 20 x 20 in size, then you can't resize it to become an image 100 x 1000 in size, cuz the image will be broken. "hey, who know which better for you, guys? :D

but it's just some everybody, not every. May be there many online resizers, but i found only one resizer that you can use to resize your images be like what you want: http:// This tool won't limit and will just produce images in any sizes like what you set in the parameter, even if the images are too much broken.

What you should note to use this resizer is that your browser must support java script / has java script enabled. And one more think, "supposing" that you're confused to use this resizer to step forward at the front page, just look for the link titled "risizer, image resizer, or may be resize image". I know you'll be successfull, just give it a try.


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