Sunday, January 01, 2012
Well, everybody! Just a few days ago Dzebb has remodified / added some more features again into this 4.4 version of opera mini, which in former release he's added some nice features. Just like my style before, i haven't tried this version as yet so i don't realy know about some features that has Dzebb added into this version. But again, as he's said on his site this version has the following features:

Features Added In Its Handler Version

*"Goto" Shortcut: For quick access Start Page, History and Saved Page.
*Multi-Windows: Create, Manage Windows, to access Multiple websites.
*View Texts Screen & Page: For copying texts contents.
*Create Search: Need Fix, not make use of it is advised by Dzebb.
*Minimize: Usefull for s40 phones to minimize the app. But, it needs a fix and doesn't work after HUI Menu is accessed.
*Direct Download: to directly download unhandled files in opera like .Jad or .Jar files.
*Page Cache increased.
*Page History increased.
*Upload .jar1 as .jar.
*Download .jar to _jar.
*Rename ._jar to .jar.
*Reverse Proxy (IP Hide).
*Night Mode.
*When downloading unhandled files using Built-in Browser, Opera will not Close. (SE & S60).
*The bug in Link Press "1" Open new Window and Open in bkgrd Window is Fixed.

Note 1: Custom Server is removed due to Opera TM Restrictions, so use Filter to change Server.

Note 2: For best performance, set Permission to "Always Ask" esp. when downloading.

Download Opera Mini 4.4.28000 Handlerui 203.jar


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