Thursday, January 26, 2012
How to add a custom search engine on my blogger blog? - Custom search engine is a widget/tool for websites which function of this tool is to make a local search on the site who's added the tool itself, it's alike to google search but not realy. You can try my custom search which i put it on the top side to know how does it work.

Here is your way to add it to your private blog

1. Go to your blogger.
2. Go to design and hit the "Add Widget" button according to the spot where you want the search engine to appear.
3. After the second step, you'll find a page where there are some widgets ready to be added to your blog. Just click the "Html/Java Script" widget and later you'll be served with a text box to put html codes along with a column for your option if to add a title for the widget or not. Simply copy and paste the code below in the box:

To be the lesser the code above looks like the below:

< form action='' method='get'> < input class='text input' name='q' size='24' type='text' value='Search for my posts...'/> < input class='button submit' name='submit' type='submit' value='Check it'/>< / form>

Pay attention on the below

1. Change the "" with your site url. Example: If your site url is:, then you should change the url in the above code with
2. Change the value for the "size" to modify the widget width (size="24").
3. Change the value for the "value" to modify the text shown in the box on the search engine (Search for my posts...).
4. Change the value for the "value" to modify the text on the button on the search engine (Check it).

4. Now click "save widget" and check to make sure that the code is working properly on your blog.

Sure you don't need my help to add this tool to your blog. It's much much easy to add... Next post, i'll tell you how to add a global search engine to your blog. Just wait if you're interested.


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