Saturday, January 28, 2012
Well, as you have already known, our lovely browser opmod has finally announced the latest update since a few days ago after the last update that's been quite long time. It ain't like usual which dgsc would announce an update just one or two weeks after the last update. And just like dgsc has alleged on his site, this latest update has some more features than his older update. "means has been added some new features". :D

Here is what dgsc announced on his site about the features. Including The new features added, Fixed, And Improved:


#Opera 4.21 Beta 15 "NoTouch" (24.01.12):

*Disabled module for touch screens.
*To link button. The color, select [Menu: The base color of buttons, links] replaced the [Menu: Background: middle]. From this color is computed button color references.
*Separate setting the font size for Wirth. the keyboard.
*Notification after downloading the official loader (boot loader configuration parameters of fashion).
*To change touchscreen available style home page and menus (large buttons, links).

Opera 4.21 Beta 14 (25.12.11):

*Dialogue in the history of removing jackdaw added to delete the list to load and download history.
*In the tab menu item is added to create the response tab - this tab will open slave all links with a leading tab.
*Quick navigation links. Select the type of selectable items such as processing and depression.
*File lengpaka try to select View.

#Opera 4.21 Beta 13 (22/11/11):

*If you disable full screen mode and not duplicating softknopok enabled in the settings form includes duplicate buttons Save and Cancel.
*Added two servers. In the network settings you can change the server code. IMPORTANT! Do not change unless you know what it is. If the code is changed to an invalid and halted access to the server, delete the code and click "Save."
*Borders can turn off "one at a time." For sensor devices curbs can hide and show by pressing the sliders. Clicking on the upper edge switches the type of information on it.
*For touch screens, if you disable the tab bar at the upper border of the icon shows a list of open tabs. List of tabs opened on the icon of the upper border, initially intended to select the tab. By clicking the "Edit" list switches to control the tabs.More >>

While about the file, i've prepared two links which contain the same file inside (for non touch phones). And that the file that i give here is a signed version, That is one good point. However, there are two bad points that you should know, it has a quite large top and bottom border, approximately double high of the normal border. Actually it's not realy a matter to me, cuz i always set my opera to fullscreen view. The matter is that it shows some russian links on the home, it's realy annoying. So, if there's somebody here now has the one that shows no russian links on the home page then i please you share the file with me. I rather preffer to use the old one that should see an ugly home page everyday...

Read the following if you think it could be usefull for you: How to install a signed jar file on my phone?


  1. Here is your new file guys.

    Opera Mini 4.21.15-21288

    Opera Mini 4.21.15-21288

    the file doesn't include the russian links, but the border is still so wide. Hope you love it... :jwidesmile