Sunday, January 22, 2012
A new generation of browser UI. Simple, elegant, fashion, out of the crowded, complex mobile browser interface, create personalized browser.

*Speed Dial will be added to the home page like Web site, to achieve one-click access. By custom "speed dial", you can create a personalized browser.
*Auto-complete URL feature match from the history and bookmarks in the URL you're typing, allowing you faster access to desired URL.
*Multi-tabbed browsing Support open multiple pages, can easily switch between different pages.
*Site storage, A collection of popular Internet classified and classified under the hot site, click the site you can add it to the Home "Speed Dial".


*Easy to play microblogging: European friends mobile browser built-in micro- Bo, supporting the microblogging updates, reading, one-click publishing, forwarding, review and collection functions, give you powerful microblogging experience. Hot microblogging information Through the intelligent search algorithm for your latest, most flows, the most fun hot microblogging information, a collection of social, sports, finance, technology, jokes, otaku, gossip, horoscopes, food and other channels, so you always leave information and information of a person.
*Multi-search: Built the domestic popular search service, support shortcut to switch between search services, and can save your search history. Not only that, also add support for custom search services.
*Web sharing, Browser sharing: a key will allow you to share web pages to different social networks, internet sharing fun times with friends.
*Speed: ultra-provincial traffic Speed browsing With a mature and efficient "cloud" compression and transcoding technology, European Internet friends mobile browser much faster than other general mobile phone browser. Particularly in access to some complex pages, access speed can be 5-10 times higher. Ultra-provincial traffic, up 90% European friends mobile browser allows high data traffic charges into a "cloud." Through the cloud-based compression and transcoding, European friends mobile browser access can greatly reduce the flow of the page - up to 90%, let you swim in the Internet phone is no "flow" in fear.
*Powerful browsing: Strong core true-color view.
*The world's leading browser kernel: full support for WAP and rich phone WWW page display. Support, including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, SVG, etc., a variety of Internet standards, the most abundant color to present you all the Internet page.
*Smart Zoom: Click page can be automatically enlarged, enlarged content will automatically adjust to the width of the screen, so you can quickly browse without scrolling left and right. If your phone supports multi-touch gestures you can also zoom the page.

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