Friday, August 10, 2012
How To Register And Claim Website/Blog To Technorati? 8AC78TJFZZ6H - Why Should I Register My Blog To Technorati? Because you can grab quite much advantages that you register your blog to that blog directory. Once your blog is listed in that directory, it'll send some traffic to your blog as your contents are shared away by, plus "possible" it raises your Google page rank. True, raises your Google page rank. I know, the link back to the contents it shares are counted as no-follow, but even so it could help your blog to rank some higher. You know, the way Google add a page rank is not only by considering its back links that point to the website, but also how many clicks are made from other websites to the website.

Truly you don't need to register your blog to this directory in order for it indexs your contents, cuz by default it'll index every webpages on the net just as Google does. Just, the problem here is when will it index the contents, will it be any quick? Of course yes, it will likely be very quick, in condition it found already your website last month. :)

Let's get down. To register your website/blog to technorati, you can follow the following instructions:

1. Go to and Sign up for a new account if you haven't got one. Or try this address:
2. Sign in to the site.
3. Go to your profile by clicking on your name. Or try this url:
4. Complete your profile information if you'd like, or let it "so" won't be any matter cuz it's optional. What you actually have to do here is to "claim" your blog. Find a "submit form" and insert your blog url then click the button "claim".
5. After, you'll have to describe what is your blog about exactly. Pay attention on the example below:

*Blog tittle: Fill with your Blog Tittle.
*Url: Fill with your blog url. Example:
*Feed: Fill with your rss or atom blog. Example:
*Linking blogs: Fill with blog urls that link your blog (optional).
*Site description: Fill with your blog description. Example: Blog about softwares, games, tips and trick, and blog tutorial.
*Site categories: Check at least 5 check boxes that describe your website.
*Site tags: Fill your keywords here. One column for one keyword. There are about 20 columns available.

6. Once you get done with the above parameter, click "Proceed to next the step".
7. Back to your profile by clicking on the "Return to profile" button.
8. Here, you've successfully added your blog to technorati, but not yet verified. To verify it, pay attention on the thumbnail of your blog, there must be a button "Check Claim" below it. Just click it and you'll find a short instruction in a blue background, that which the instruction includes a "unique code" to add your "blog". Example unique code: JDMGAJNMDDDM.

What you have to do with that unique code is to put it on a new article in your blog, it means you have to publish a new article. The rule here is that you need to put the code in the up side of the first paragraph, and that it must be included in the feed without you have to click the post first to find it. You may post an empty article that includes only the code, or a normal article as what you are now reading, it's up to you.

Anyway, didn't you notice that i put my unique code in the first paragraph on this article? :)

9. After you publish the post, go back to your profile on technorati and click the button "Check Claim", then "Verify Claim Token", and you're done.

Well, now you've added your blog to technorati successfully. Have a nice day everybody. May God bless ya. :)


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