Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Now let's play a little game. Here i got some little games which some are belong to java game and some others are symbian games. Let's check 'em out.

1. Farm Frenzy (240x320)

2. Nokia E5 Underground 3D V10 S60v5 (360x640)

Underground 3D

3. Colin Mcrae Dirt 3D (240x320) or Colin Mcrae Dirt 3D (320x240)

Colin Mcrae Dirt 3D

4. Asphalt Urban Gt2 3D.sisx or Asphalt Urban Gt2 3D.sis

Asphalt Urban Gt2 3D

5. Bass Fishing Mania 3 (240x320)

Fishing Mania 3

6. Photo Boxing 3D S60v3

Photo Boxing 3D S60v3

7. 3D Rollercoaster Rush Underground S60v3 (240x320) 3D Rollercoaster Rush Underground (320x240) 3D Rollercoaster Rush Underground All Java Phones

3D Rollercoaster Rush Underground S60v3

8. Superman Batman

Superman Batman

9. System Rush Evolution (240x320)

System Rush Evolution (240x320)

10. Oregon Trail Gold Rush S40 2ed (128x160)

Oregon Trail Gold Rush S40 2ed

11. Card Game: MauMau Symbian S60v3 v5 | Card Game: MauMau Symbian S60v1 v2

Card Game: MauMau (Lcg 3.00) Symbian

12. Bounce Boing Voyage v1.00 S60v3.n-gage.rar

Bounce Boing Voyage

13. Hooked On Creatures Of The Deep S60v3

Hooked On Creatures Of The Deep

14. Boom Blox

Boom Blox

15. Brothers In Arms (Symbian Version)

Brothers In Arms

16. Block Breaker Deluxe

Block Breaker Deluxe

17. Asphalt 3 Street Rules

Asphalt 3 Street Rules

18. Digital Legends On Fixed

Digital Legends On Fixed

For Your Information!

1. For the N-gage games, you can download the launcher here: http://j-smith-site /n-gage-20-games- for-nokia-symbian-s60v3.html, and follow the instructions to get it installed properly.

2. And here is a nice trick to fit the game screen with your phone's resolution, this applies only to java games. It's much easy to make it: Just simply extract the game (I usually just use my x-plore to make it) and then add the following "line of command" into the file "MANIFEST.Mf":

Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: 176,208
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 240,320

The first line, which has a value of 176,208, is assumed to be the original screen size of the game that you'd like to modify. While the second line is assumed to be target screen size you'd like it to appear on your phone's screen.


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