Monday, October 08, 2012
Opera Mobile Nokia S60v5 v3 All Versions (10, 11, 12) And Tips How To Run It For Those That Are Low In RAM Memory (Memory Full. Close some applications and try again). Opera Mobile is the best web browser that you can have on your Nokia symbian s60v3 phone. I haven't tried this browser on s60v5 and higher, but i guess it's gonna work on those phones too. With opera mobile, you can surf the web just as you do on your computer. There are quite much excelent features that you may love on opera mobile, three features that i know among others, Opera Turbo, that which will boost your speed when surfing, surf as a desktop or mobile, and rich setting field that will let you set the preference the way you want.

Maybe for those who have more than (about) 100Mb RAM Memory on their phones, there is no problem to run opera mobile. But for those who have no more than 60Mb RAM Memory, they'll face a trouble to run opera on their phones as the browser will very oftenly notice them "Memory Full. Try to close some applications and try again". And this my friend, is just not cool at all, you could get mad for this. But my friend, if you got that notice a few times ago, now you don't have to worry about it anymore. Chill out.. 'cause now i'm here to help you. Awphoey, yeah.. I like that. :)

It's not realy a big thing actually, it's just a matter of number my friend. By default, opera mobile sets "the sizes" to high numbers (i'm sure you don't understand what i said :), that's why low-ram phones are oftenly getting noticed "Memory Full". To handle that matter my friend, you can simply set the sizes to low numbers, you can visit the setting field to do so. But, not the setting field that you'd access through the menu or by shortcut #8 as usual, the setting field i mean here can only be accessed through the address bar by typing opera:config and click go or precedd.

There are lots commands that you'll find over there, and you'll probably be confused if you're not realy familiar with such setting type. But calm down, if you're realy not familiar with such setting, here i'll also tell you how to set each of the commands that you'll find there. Take a look here my friend: Complete List Of Parameter Of Opera Mobile's Setting

My advice my friend, change everything that is set to more than 10000 (kb) for its total size to 5000 or even lower. I myself set my cache size from 100000 to 5000. Maybe this is not the main factor why opera notices you Memory Full, 'cause the main factor is your Ram Memory. However, this way will help your phone memory to hold on a little bit longer before it's getting fullfilled. And one more thing is, maybe you better use the older opera mobile, 'cause the older takes Ram Memory a little bit lower than the latest one, like opera mobile 12 for example. I myself use opera mobile 10 final. :)

Well, now let's just download the browsers. There are currently 3 versions available for symbian phones, 10, 11, and 12. Here we go.. Opera Mobile 10 Final Opera Mobile 11.10 Opera Mobile 11.15 Opera Mobile 12.00

My comment my friend, if your Phone Ram is low, maybe the right choice for you is to use your default browser. Read here, you could be thank you to me after read the article: About Nokia S60v3's Default Browser

Well, have a nice day. :)


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