Saturday, March 31, 2012
Sure you know why you need to hack your Symbian S60v3 (Or upper) phone. As you might knew, mostly poeple are sharing the same way to hack symbian phone, which the way will take at least a day. Maybe longer?. I don't realy know. - I'm sure, nobody truly's willing to make the way, but if poeple make it then it must be 'cause they don't find any other way to hack their phone. Am i saying right?. - Well, now you found the other way, which is simplier, no wait time, and the most important thing: is that it's absolutely free. Everybody love free...

Well, Here We Go.

Here, we need a four tools to help the hack we're performing. They're Installserver, Norton Symbian Hack, RomPatcherPlus, X-plore (1.53 Signed).sisx or X-plore (1.57).sisx. I packed all 5 files above in one, here it is: Hack tools Just download the file above 'cause you'll use the files to hack your phone. Let's get the steps into the ordered number to make it easier to digest.

1. Instal and run the X-plore you just downloaded and then go to the setting field. Therein, simply mark all boxes shown on the screen and go back/save.

2. Instal the Norton Symbian Hack, run the Application> Go to Quarantine list> Option> Restore all> Ok. - Now close the application and then delete it (You read it correcty: Delete The Application). - Maybe you wanna know this: To delete this application, go to your Manager Application> Find Symantec Symbian Hack> Remove/Delete/or Uninstall it.

3. Open again your Xplore, find the folder Shared in drive C:\ and delete the folder.

4. Install the Rompatcherplus> Run it> and Apply the patch Install Server RP+ too open4all RP+. Here, if you fail applying the Server RP+, then the application will notice you with "X" sign indicating that you failed applying the function. And otherwise it will notice you as blocking/coloring the line in Gren which means you're successfully applying the function. - And, in case you're failing/can't apply the function, then you can make use of the Installserver file to make another way (you've downloaded the four files that i gave to you, haven't you?. This Installserver is one of them). Just extract the file and choose one Installserver.exe file according to your phone model, and then put it in drive C, exactly here: C:/SYS/BIN/ Put the file here. Now restart/turn off your phone and then turn it on again, and you'll see if you've been successfull to hack your phone. Just install any unsigned application, it should be running now.

I advise you hard reset your phone first before hacking it, so if anytime you hard reset your phone you won't have to re-hack the phone again. To make it, simply copy and paste the Installserver.exe file (according to your phone model) into drive Y, exactly here: Y:\SYS\BIN\ Paste the file here, and set the attribute to "Read Only". If you do not find the folders (SYS and BIN), then you can create them yourself. - To hard reset your phone, you can try dial to *#7370#. It's free, cuz no connection will be made for it, maybe.

And one more thing, the Norton Symbian Hack can be used for only one time, so be carefull in using it, though you can still download the file here, realy again and again.


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