Saturday, March 17, 2012
Well, for you who mean to buy a tablet but maybe getting confused to decide whether to buy ipad or kindle fire, this could be a good reference to look up a little further (to you who know not: kindle fire is a tablet picked/adopted/popularized by amazon). Kindle fire itself was launched about a half year ago to the first time and now it's become so pupolar already. There are so many differences that you may find in betwen ipad and this kindle fire, see the below.

1. Kindle has a real cheaper prise far away than ipads' prise to consider to buy, you can have a kindle fire for only Us$199 or about Rp.1.800.000 in IDR, while ipad is about US$499 to US$829 or Rp.4.500.000 to 7.500.000 in IDR. You can see, kindle fire has no more than a half prise compared to ipads'.
2. Kindle Fire has a 2,7 inches screen (touchscreen) smaller than ipads, which is 7 inches, while ipads are about 9,7 inches. However, kindle fire has a lighter weight than ipads that makes it simplier or a handy tablet to take to hang out, isn't it?
3. Kindle fire has no camera, or in another term it doesn't support video call, where ipads' have it.
4. Kindle fire has no microfon to support voice recording so you can't make a audio call via skype, while ipads' can make it cause they have the microfon.
5. Kindle fire connects through wi-fi and no any other way, so if you get no wifi channel you won't be connected anywhere. While in the other side, ipads support 3G network to connect.
6. Kindle fire has only 8Gb storage to please you, while ipads have at least 16Gb in minimum. However, kindle fire has a "Cloud" service through amazon server that you can access for free.
7. In case of battery life kindle fire is capable to keep up for approximately 8 hours, while ipads' are up to 10 hours (maybe this are ipad 2 and higher).
8. Just like other tablets this kindle fire is supported by android os, and sure so ipads are. Here, the difference i know betwen this two tablets is that kindle fire has the ability to access at most 250.000+ applications available on android market, while ipads' are capable to access about 425.000+ applications available on AppStore. Yet, poeple believe that amazon will provide even more content than what it now has. Today, amazon has given away some features/contents that you can access for free like streaming video, ebook, download games, and maybe some more features. There should be some features that amazon has pre/instaled already and show up on the screen when the tablet is active (maybe on the menu or even somewhere). Amazon has provided at least 11.000 movies + tv show feature that's been set to run.

That's all i know guys. If you wanna know more or even buy the tablet, kindle fire, you can buy through the official site, here it is: Amazon: Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi. Have a shop.


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