Tuesday, March 20, 2012
This Heart Of The Swarm will be released at the middle of this year. This version is a kanal of the previous version, Wings Of Liberty, which took along Jim Reynor in the game. But would be no longer that Jim Reynor has play in this game, in the latest version, Heart Of The Swarm, this game will highlight Sarah Kerrigan and the Zerg instead of Jim Reynor and the Teran. In the previous version, Wings of Liberty, Queen of Blade was defeated and Sarah Kerrigan got healed after Jim Reynor utilized the Dragon Xel' to fought Zerg.

StarCraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm

Just like what 's held before, in the latest version sarah will still be a normal human who's been healed against the magic of Queen of Blades nor it's control by the Swarm. But here, sarah will have a thought and mean to gather all Zerg in purpose to avenge and get off Arcturus Mengsk.

Beside renews the play, the latest version will also renew the features and so the unit. Will be there at least 20 campaign mission which almost in all plays sarah is the only who takes action. And that sarah is assumed will have a power called psionic to wipe out every weapons the enemy may have. - One of some new rules in the latest version is that now the mission will always remain goes on 'cause sarah is set never get died.

Poeple say, Blizzard (The developer of this game) will also make a change on the multiplayer mode, like new unit and map. And on the Battle.net that will focus on the marketplace so the player can rate or even buy a content that other players made.


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