Thursday, March 15, 2012
Lately google has launched a new market for android namely Google Play Store, which this means to replace the old market Android Market. There has been a lot poeple noticed and moved to this new market. And as the poeple moved to this market are now a "newbie", well who knows some of them are getting confused with this market, maybe a question like "How to upgrade the Android Market to Google Play Store?", which this is what i'm about to tell you.

In order to activate/call the market to show up on your android, you can simply install the "Play Books, Play Movies, or Play Music" newest version and then expand/select Menu> Settings > Apps > Market and select Clear data. And later open the Play Books / Play Movies / or Play Music and click the Play Store icon> Accept New Terms Of Service and done. The google play should now display on your android. If not, you may can repeat the step several times untill the market shows up.

Would it be something "Ugly" to try the above way?


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