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Ever wondered how to create handler applications, my friends? It's got damned easy, all what you need is just an application, a single a...

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Opmin 7.031438 Handler 207

Update: Opmin 7.031438 Handler 207. Straight down my friend. This update brings some more features that you may love. Primary and secondary...

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Opera Mini Next 7.0.30568 And Cricket Companion 1.4 Handler

Opera Mini Next 7.0.30568 Handler Here is the latest build of Opera Mini Next 7 .There are only a few changes, find it out yourself. O...

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OperaMini Mod + Opmin + Opmod 4.21 Beta 21 Handler Ui 204 + Facebook 2.91 Handlerui 204. Well, two updates again for you J2Me enabled phone...

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Google Maps + Latitude 3.0.2 Handler is a Google map but it supports Google Latitude, where you can use it to share your location to your f...

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WhatsApp: Messenger , Sharing, And Community Application . WhatsApp is a fairly good Application that you can try on your iPhone , Android ,...

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Video Editor For Nokia S60v3 , Nokia S60v2 , And Nokia Java Phone . Check also my previous posts related to video application : Helix Video ...

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Dictionary: English To Indonesian And Indonesian To English Translation - Oxford And Pocket Dictionary (Pd English-Indonesia) For Sony Erics...

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Find out how exciting to get in touch withfriends, play social games through any device, and enrich your life through mobile. This is a sing...

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Facebook chat 1.0 Handler And Qeep 2.12 Handler

Fbchat 1.0 Handlerui 202

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Tunewiki 2.2 Handlerui 202 Craked By Dzebb : I don't know what this application exactly is, and i don't know how does it work, i ju...

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1. Opera Mini Mod 4.2.1 Beta 18 (21881) Handlerui 203 - New update from DG-SC team. It's now attained the version of beta 18. It must b...

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UC Browser Alpha Handler And Opera 4.21 Beta 17 Handler And ToGoTV 3.3.0 Handler And Fullon SMS 0.2 Handler And Way2SMS 0.2 Handler And YouTube 1.4.7 Handler And News Hunt 1.50.03 Handler And Cricket Companion 1.3 Handler

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Mobile Phone: MobilGet 2.50 Handler 203 - Google Translate Tool 1.56 Handler 203 - Main 1.00  Handler 203 - Empire 8.0039  Handler 202 - MXit 6.21 1.42 Handler 203 - QQ Browser 2.56  Handler 203

Well, time for handler creation by the two brother. After released uc 8.20 handler some days ago, our two brother (Actually Dzebb who's ...

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Opera Mini 4.4 A4 Handlerui 203 And Nimbuzz 1.95 Handlerui 203 Dzebb

Well, now should i just post the download links without making any bullshit here? Nothing that i can tell about these two applications, even...

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Mobile Texting at incredibly low rates. Local And International. Send messages to all in your address book whether they have the app or ...

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What can RockeTalk do for you? * Meet New People: Meet exciting new people right on your mobile phone. * Instant voice & picture chat...

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Nimbuzz, it actually has released that version of 1.9 already since a long time, which that version is still being held till today as the r...

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