Monday, September 17, 2012
Update: Opmin 7.031438 Handler 207. Straight down my friend. This update brings some more features that you may love. Primary and secondary server that which the port has its own column separate from the column for the "server address" column, server authentication code, shadow connection, change ua, and some other good enough features.

OperaMini 7

I suggest you install this udpate if you have the old one on your phone. And, a short notification from me, if you connect through mobile phone, then maybe you'll find the download file does not exist when you get at the destination, 4shared. As such, you can switch to the 4shared desktop version and you'll find the file. That's all.

Here is the download link, through OperaMini 7.031438 Handlerui 207.jar

Have fun. :)


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