Thursday, September 06, 2012
Geisha Band Indonesa Download Geisha Band Songs For Free. Or in Indonesian it should be Download Gratis Lagu Mp3 Geisha Komplit. There are quite much songs available to download: Karena Kamu, Pergi Saja, Hatiku Bicara, Sedari Dulu, Aku Bukan Mereka, Jangan Pernah, Ku Menyerah, Kenangan Hidupku, Cukup Tak Lagi, Remuk Jantungku, Cinta dan Benci, Penyesalan Terdalam, Pilihan Hatiku, Untuk Selamanya, Penyesalah Terdalam, Jangan Pernah Lelah Menungguku, Tak Segalanya Indah, Cemburumu Keliru, Cintaku Hilang, Bunda, Ijinkan Aku Mendua, Takkan Pernah Ada, Selalu Salah, Kamu Yang Pertama, Jika Cinta Dia.

Who Is Geisha Band?

Geisha Band is a music band from Indonesian. Don't know how they named that band, the name is the same with the term Geisha that japanese use to call "particular" women in their country.

Geisha is coming from a city called Pekanbaru, a city of Sumatera, Indonesia. The genre of the band is Art Rock Progressive. The band was first born in 2003 and is still active generating type record on Musica Studios untill today. The group consists five personals, Momo (Vokal), Roby (Guitar), Nard (Bass), Dhan (Keyboard), and Aan (Drum).

Their first album is "Anugerah Terindah" (you'd say: the best blessing), that which was released in 2009. They were getting more and more popular after that first album. The first single song from this album is "Jika Cinta Dia" (you'd say: if you love him), then followed by "Tak Kan Pernah Ada" (you'd say: i'll never find one like you). After, they released again two new single songs in 2010 titled "Selalu Salah" (you'd say: i'm always wrong), and "Kamu Yang Pertama" (you'd say: you're my first). All those songs were mostly very welcomed by music lovers.

The last album (i heard) they were releasing is "Meraih Bintang" (you'd say: Get it). It was released in 2011. The single song from this album is "Cinta dan Benci" (you'd say: love and hate). That song flied high at the time.

Lately, i heard that they released a new single song again this year. Don't know if that single is belong to an album, or that is completely just a single song.

Geisha Band Indonesia

Well, just as most people, when you love a music band you are obviously going to get the songs. And fortunately, as i said on the title of this post, if you're a Geisha lover here, i got some addresses to download their songs. Yes some addresses, not some files. Forgiveness my friend, i won't link any address here, so just copy the address and get to the destination yourself.

Just not like most people that say "Hey, guys.. Please buy the cassete to support the band so they can keep going". Here instead of saying so, i'd say: "Ah, the hell with them. Just keep moving". :)

Maybe for some people two cents is nothing, but for some other people it could mean everything. And such a sad news about this, i belong to the "some other people". Got damned.. :)

Check these out.

Geisha - Karena Kamu:

Geisha - Pergi Saja:

Geisha - Hatiku Bicara:

Geisha - Sedari Dulu:

Geisha - Aku Bukan Mereka:

Geisha - Jangan Pernah:

Geisha - Ku Menyerah:

Geisha - Kenangan Hidupku:

Geisha - Cukup Tak Lagi:

Geisha - Remuk Jantungku:

Geisha - Cinta dan Benci:

Geisha - Penyesalan Terdalam:

Geisha - Pilihan Hatiku:

Geisha - Untuk Selamanya:

Geisha - Penyesalan Terdalam:

Geisha - Jangan Pernah Lelah Menungguku:

Geisha - Tak Segalanya Indah:

Geisha - Cemburumu Keliru:

Geisha - Cintaku Hilang:

Geisha - Bunda:

Geisha - Ijinkan Aku Mendua:

Geisha - Takkan Pernah Ada:

Geisha - Selalu Salah:

Geisha - Kamu Yang Pertama:

Geisha - Jika Cinta Dia:

Have a nice day everybody. :)


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