Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Lcg Jukebox 2.12 Full Nokia Symbian S60v3 Anti Error - Good Mp3 Music Player. Well, well well.. Your great admin has come back. :)

Lcg Jukebox Nokia Symbian S60

Now i wanna tell you another great mp3 player that is used widely by symbian users, Lcg Jukebox By Lonely Cat Games. The latest version is 2.73, available for purchase on its official website. The sad news is that i don't have the full cracked version for this one. That's not good of course.

If you'd like my friend, you'll likely find the full version for this one if you search through google. The whys and wherefores i don't give you the file here, 2.73 full cracked, is because some people said that the cracked files found were mostly having errors, like closing the player at play or somekind. So i think it's gonna be much better to give you the older version but has no errors.

Some what my friend, the differences betwen each version are not realy much. They're just slighty different. Take a look at the below changelogs and you'll know what are the differences betwen each version. I stole this changelogs from official website.

*Version 1.00 - Initial release.
*Version 1.10 - UIQ and UIQ 3.0.
*Version 2.00 - Internet radio streaming, loading PLS playlist, automatic sleep timer mode.
*Version 2.10 - Porting to Pocket PC.
*Version 2.30 - Aac support (on selected Nokia phones).
*Version 2.40 - Using phone theme (S60 3rd edition, UIQ3).
*Version 2.43 - Fixed playback breaks on S60 5th ed phones, fixes in Internet streaming.
*Version 2.44 - Reading lyrics embedded in mp3 files.
*Version 2.45 - Fixed remote control when Jukebox runs in background (on Symbian 9).
*Version 2.50 - FLAC format decoder.
*Version 2.60 - SHOUTcast integration.
*Version 2.65 - Skin on Windows Mobile and Symbian 2nd edition.
*Version 2.66 - Small fixes, Korean language.
*Version 2.70 - Search tracks in playlist editor, bookmarks for audio books, ask to exit option.
*Version 2.72 - Reading embedded lyrics in m4a (aac) files, selectable font size in Lyrics viewer, Bulgarian, Ukrainian language.
*Version 2.73 - Fix in Internet streaming.

You see my friend? So, now you know the differences betwen each version. Well tell me my friend, how are they different, is it realy much? Hell not my friend, they're just very slighty different. So don't look for the latest version anymore my friend, but forget it. :)

Below i try to list some features that i think you'd like to know. But if you don't even want to read it, of course you can just scroll straight down to the download links. You are free to do everything on my blog my friend, completely without restrictions. :)

*High-quality stereo playback.
*MP3, AAC *, FLAC and OGG music formats.
*Includes free SHOUTcast? Internet radio directory.
*Fine volume control - 100 levels from silence to loudness.
*Sleep timer letting you to fall asleep with your music.
*10-band equalizer with several presets.
*Playlist editor - add, remove, save, load, order your songs.
*Bookmarks for comfortable playback of audio books.
*Album image search on Internet.
*Lyrics search and display.
*Playback in normal or random order.
*Mini mode displayed on phone idle screen.
*Playback of Tracker music (MOD file format).
*AAC playback is supported on newer Symbian S60 phones with built-in AAC decoder.

Well, now download the player below. And it's through my friend. My lovely brother's website. :)

Lcg Jukebox 2.12 Full And Anti Error For Nokia Symbian S60v2

And by the way, if this player asking for a registeration code, try to insert 1234 or 12345. It should work.

And one more by the way my friend, i also have this player for Nokia S60v2 users. If you're nokia s60v2 user, take a look here: Lcg Jukebox Full And Anti Error For Nokia Symbian S60v2

Have a nice day. :)


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