Monday, September 17, 2012
Andra And The Backbone

Andra and The BackBone is a rock band from Indonesia and consists of three personals, Andra Ramadhan (Guitarist), Dedy (Vocalist), Stevie (Guitarist). The group is formed by Andra Ramadhan in 2007 and is still active till now. Andra Ramadhan itself is also the guitarist of Dewa 19, a good and very popular Indonsian rock band formed by Ahmad Dani.

The first album of the band is titled Andra & The Backbone, which the most popular single songs from the album are Musnah, Sempurna, Dan Tidurlah, Perih, and Lagi Dan Lagi.

So far the band has released 4 albums, Andra and The Backbone in 2007, Season 2 in 2008, Love, Faith & Hope in 2010, and IV in 2012.

Andra And The Backbone

The first album, Andra & The Backbone (2007), contains 13 songs total:

-Pujaan Hati.
-Dan Tidurlah.
-Lagi... Dan Lagi...
-Saat Dunia Masih Milik Kita.
-Hanya Dirimu.
-Ditelan Bumi.
-Dengarkan Aku.
-Surrender (Instrumental).
-Selamat Tinggal Masa Lalu.

The single songs from the album are Musnah, Sempurna, Dan Tidurlah, Perih, and Lagi Dan Lagi.

The second album, Season 2 (2008), contains 10 songs total:

-Main Hati.
-Mimpi Yang Terbunuh.
-Seperti Hidup Kembali.
-Tak Ada Yang Bisa.
-3 Keajaiban (Instrumental).
-Selamat Tinggal Masa Lalu.

The single songs from this album are Main Hati, Hitamku, Tak Ada Yang Bisa, Seperti Hidup Kembali.

The third album, Love, Faith & Hope (2010), contains 10 songs total. Five songs from this album are acoustic reworking of the songs from their previous albums.

-Pagi Jangan Cepat Datang.
-Tunggu Aku.
-Jalanmu Bukan Jalanku.
-Mimpi Burukmu.
-Love Faith And Hope.
-Muak (Acoustic Version).
-Lagi Dan Lagi (Acoustic Version).
-Pujaan Hati (Acoustic Version).
-Terdalam (Acoustic Version).
-Seperti Hidup Kembali (Acoustic Version).

TheSingle songs from this album are Jalanmu Bukan Jalanku, Tunggu Aku, Pagi Jangan Cepat Datang, Mimpi Burukku.

The fourth album, IV (2012), contains 10 songs total:

-Dream On Move On.
-The Time Traveller (Instrumental).
-Saat Dunia Masih Milik Kita.
-Lagi Dan Lagi.

The only single song from this album is Alibi, that's what i know.

Here is the official website: Andra & The Backbone Official Website


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