Monday, September 10, 2012
Repost: Advance Device Locks Nokia Symbian S60v3: Lock Everything On Your Phone. Were you thinking, How To Lock My Message Feature? or maybe, Can I Lock Everything On My Phone so nobody will ever know what inside the application, every application, on my phone unless i let them know?

Yes you can buddy. You can lock everything on your phone using this light Advance Device Locks application. Once you set it on, nobody will be able to open any content on your phone, including message.

There is only a few features, but those are all the esential features what are you looking for. Three great points that you may wanna know are Password Prottection, Switch On or Off the prettection against your phone, Decide what applications you want to prottect.

Let's talk a little bit about it.

*Password Prottection ("code"): The default password is set to 0000, or maybe 00000. Or maybe 1234, or 12345. ? Which one is true? You bet buddy. :)

If you switch the application on, you'll have to input this code when you open anything protected by at its first time.

*Prottect Applications: As i said, this is to switch the application On or Off.

*Prottect Applications: I wrote the same with the above? Yes buddy, those are the same words but have different functions. You can find this feature in "Option".

Here is where you can determine which of applications on your phone that you suppose to prottect.

Advance Device Lock Nokia S60v3

Well that's all buddy. There are some more features but i'm sure you'll find 'em out yourself. Take your file below.

Through Advance Device Locks Nokia Symbian S60v3

Have a nice day. :)


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