Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Seo Tips: How To Be Getting Indexed Quickly By Search Engine?. As you too know, to be getting indexed by search engine (like Google for example) is not always as quick as we expect, it could take days, weeks, or even worse it takes months on some websites. Due to this matter, now i'd like to tell you some tips that will likely help you to get your articles to be getting indexed quickly.

Let's Get To The Point

1. Include your website to as many search engine as possible: Though every search engine defaultly will crawl your website, it's better that you include/add your website to them yourself to make sure they know your website. Include/add your website to search engines means tell them (search engines) that you have a website and you want them to include it to their search. You can do that by submitting your sitemap. - There are many submitters that you can use to help you submit your website with ease, try to search through Google. I know one submitter that you may want to check it: www.freewebsubmission.com. That submitter will submit your website to at least 20 well known search engines for free.

2. Create original post, don't post a copypass article. Maybe Google is just a robot, but it is sometimes realy clever enough to detect such a post, and you don't want it to be so.

3. Maximalize your post url: Maybe you knew this already. The url of your post could be the most important factor for the post to sit at the top search result. So it is realy recommended that you make it good, as setting it to include some keywords of the post and arrange 'em good for example. - Talking about this, actually i've never tried it though i realy believe that it'll make senses. Bad John..

4. Link to indexed pages: When you'd like to publish a new article, try to put at least one link that points to another page (still on your website) that's been indexed by Google. Just note that the content of the page you link to should be related to the new article you'd like to publish, and that don't put too many links, otherwise may result in an unexpected thing. In short, try to make it looks natural so Google won't detect it as something like stuffing or somekind.

5. Pinging: Pinging your website is important. Ping means telling search engine that your website has been updated/has a new article to crawl, it is realy a good way to make your articles getting indexed quickly. There are many pinging services that you can use today, like pingomatic.com, www.mypagerank.net/service_pingservice_index, or even from Google "Google Ping", etc. Just don't be too much pinging your site, use it as needed. For example, ping only one time even if you publish 5 articles at the moment, otherwise may result in an unexpected thing.

6. Put as many links as possible on dofollow blog: Let's get it short, "Post as many comments as possible on dofollow blogs and don't forget to put a link for each one and points it (the link) to a specific page on your blog.". Just note that the content of th page that you link to should be related to the content where you post your comment. And that don't post comments with links extremely, it may result in an unexpected thing.

7. Add your blog/website/articles to Social Bookmarking sites: the main aim here is to get your site a connection to those of well known sites, that which they're more likely to be crawled regularly by search engines. Search engines love such sites because they're always updated with fresh contents. Thus, if a search engine finds your website url (or even articles) on such sites then it'll submit the url soon to its server for index. There are many well known social bookmarking sites that you can find today like Digg, Stumbleupon, Mixx, Delicious, Propeller, etc.

That's all for now, maybe next time i'll write some more words if i find a new ones. If you want to add your version, feel free to post a comment.


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