Monday, July 30, 2012
About Google Panda - What Is Google Panda? How To Heal/Recover If My Website Has Been Punished or Penaltied By Google Panda? or in Indonesian Language it means: "Apa Itu Google Panda? Bagaimana/Gimana Cara Mengatasi Google Panda? Website Saya Telah Di Banned, Apakah Bisa Normal Kembali?". - Google Panda is one of the latest Google Search's algorithm updates. It first started in February 2011 and keep refreshing regularly untill now. This algorithm is supposed to boost Google Search's accuracy in serving revelant contents on search result page. As you might knew, some times ago we oftenly found irrelevant contents on some websites when we searched through Google, like contents that contained only lacks of keywords that we call Keyword Stuffing without any information that we could grab, for example. And that is it, here is where Google Panda supposed to be. This Panda has the ability to avaluate and determine if a content is good or bad. When it evaluates a content bad then the "site" will get such a bad score that could affect its performance in Google Search, and when it evaluates a content good, the site gets such a good score.

There are two things that you should remember in order for your site staying away from Google Panda. First, never flood content with keywords. Second, post only your own article. No copypass article, no auto generate content. In short, the only way to avoid Google Panda is by "publishing only quality contents". That's it.

Lastly, you can check my previous post to recover your troubled website if it has been punished by Google Panda, Google Penguin, or even by anything else of Google. Here it is: Ask Google To Reconsider A Website.


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