Thursday, July 12, 2012
Smart Launcher: Theme Maker Application For Nokia Symbian S60v2 And v1. Did you ever own a picture or photo and meant to make it theme but you couldn't?, Well now you can. Smart Launcher is a theme builder that will let you create a theme just the way you want. You can edit the theme name, background, and realy the whole element on a theme. - Maybe this is not a new application anymore cuz it's been on the net since a long time ago, but should be a fault to share it cuz it's realy worth trying.

Unfortunately here i'm not about to post for those of S60v3, maybe next time i will post it. Download all files below. And, to the "Skin Smart Launcher" you may want to search through Google if you want more.

Smart Launcher 106.sis

Smart Launcher Skin Editor.sis

Skin Smart


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