Sunday, July 29, 2012
New Xl Internet Package Service And The Gprs Setting/Configuration. One more Indonesian provider to discuss about, Xl. But as i did before, first let me say some words in Indonesian language here, so Google may can read this article correctly as what i expect. Indonesian guys might use the following keywords in search to find this article: Internet Xl - Paket Internet Xl - Paket Xtra Online Xl - Paket Internet Unlimited Xl - Paket Ramadhan Xl - Paket Internet Terbaru Dari Xl - Gimana Cara Daftar Dan Mengaktifkan Paket Internet Xl? - Apa Kehebatan Dan Keunggulan Paket Internetan Terbaru Xl? - Gimana Cara Setting Manual Internet Gprs Xl Untuk Paket Internet? - Pengaturan Internet Manual Gprs Xl - Pengaturan 3G Xl - Pengaturan Manual Internet Xl Di Hp/Handphone - Configurasi Internet Xl, or something like that.

Xl, currently has a special offer on behalf of internet package (is it that?) just like the others offer lately. Xl named it package Xtra Online, that which the package itself is available in three options, Sahur/Midnight Harian, Sahur/Midnight Bulanan, and Nunggu Buka, where each of them hold their own rules. I don't know if this offer is preferable than the previous one, HotRod, which is no longer available today. HotRod package has been stopped last week 15 july, 2012. I heard some customers cried for that discontinuation for the package was considered as the preferable one than the other packages available, and maybe even preferable than the Xtra Online package that we're now talking about.

Well, let's find out how many money each of the package will charge you.

Sahur/Midnight Harian

This package will charge you Rp 2.000 for 20MB and will be active for a day and can be used only from 00.00 to 06.00 o'clock.

Sahur/Midnight Bulanan

This package will charge you Rp 25.000 for 500MB and will be active for a month. The package can be used only from 00.00 to 06.00 o'clock.

Nunggu Buka

This package will charge you Rp 1.000 for 5MB and will be active for a day and can be used only from 11.00 to 15.00 o'clock.

That's all. That is the new Xl internet package service that you can buy in this Ramadhan, just buy one if you'd like. Now i wanna let you know how to set your device in order for it connects properly through the way it should be. Choose the parameter accordingly.

Setting APN GPRS For Harian Unlimited

*Via SMS

Type GPRS(space)Phone Model(space)Phone Type and send to 9667. Example: GPRS Nokia N95. For MMS (Who knows you need it next time): MMS Nokia 3361 (example).


@Using Modem

1. Insert broadband to your Modem.
2. Plug the modem to the holder.
3. Make sure you get a GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA/WCDMA signal on your screen and then go to Tools - Options - Profile Management, and insert the following parameters:

Profile Name : XL Broadband
APN : internet
Type xlunlimited
Dial Number :*99#
Username : Leave blank
Password : Leave blank

4. Klick OK and you're done.

@Using Handphone

Go to Menu > Services > Option > Choose Setting > Default Access Point > Use Default Setting, and then insert the following parameters:

Connection name : XLBroadband
Data bearer : GPRS
Access Point Name : internet
User name : Leave blank
Prompt Password : No
Password : Leave blank
Authentication : Normal
Connection security : off
Session Mode : permanent

Still in this field, select Option > Advanced Setting, and insert the following parameters:

Phone IP Address : Automatic
Primary Name Server :
Secondary Name Server :
Proxy Server Address : Proxy Port Number : 8080

Now go back (or click Save/Ok if any) and you're done.

Setting APN GPRS For Volume Based

Profile Name : internet
APN : internet
User Name : internet
Password : proxl
Dial Number : *99# (for Modem only)
Proxy (Optional) :
Port (Optional) : 8080

To Find The Setting Field

*Blackberry: On Home screen, select Manage Connection > Networks and Connections > Mobile Network > Choose Network Mode 3G & 2G Network.

*Android: Home Screen, Setting > Wireless & Network settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode. Just don't check GSM only or WCDMA only in order for it changes automatically.

*iPhone: Home Screen > Setting > General > Network. The Enable 3G option must be set On.

*Symbian (Nokia, Sony Ericsson): Home Screen > Menu > Tools > Setting > Phone > Network > choose Network Mode and select GSM and 3G/UMTS.

*Windows OS 7 Lower: On Home Screen, click the Windows button > Setting > Wireless Controls > Phone > Band > Choose Network Type GSM and WCDMA.

Windows OS 7 Upper: Home Screen > Setting > Cellular > Switch the 3G Connection to On.

I myself prefer to use three internet service. I think it's much more better than the others available today: Unlimited Internet Service From Three/tri/3: AON - Always On. Rp. 10.000 a month, Rp. 35.000 six months, Rp. 50.000 a year. Isn't it a good enough reason to break with your current girlfriend?



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