Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Symot Draw Sms Application For Nokia Symbian S60v3 And v2: MMS Sender And Editor. This application has the ability to send or even edit MMS before you send it. Yea, that's true, to send MMS. Maybe not too many Nokia Phones that are troubled to send or edit MMS, but there's a few. Like one is Nokia N70, it absolutely needs another help to send or edit MMS. - To send image using this application is prety easy, you only have to edit the image you want to send and after you get done with it you can just send it via normal SMS.

Here are the download links.

Symot.Draw.Sms.v140-s60v2.zip - Registration code: 0000 or any standard code

A few minutes ago i have also posted an application that you may want to check it too. Here it is: WaveSecure: Anti Theft Application For Nokia S60v3 and v2


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