Monday, July 16, 2012
Downloading Youtube Video Using Phone. Well guys, now i wanna let you know how to download Youtube video directly using your phone, no matter what phone do you have. It's just fine if you don't know how to download Youtube video using your phone, cuz the fact even some pc users were getting confused too a few times ago, and maybe they are still confused. I think, what make us confused is because Youtube doesn't serve its files with any download link, so we just don't know how to make it. And the whys and wherefores Youtube doesn't serve its files with any download link is because it is just a Streaming Video Site, ain't those of free file hosting like 4shared, Ziddu, Mega Upload, or anykind that let you upload and download files on their host.

Well, let's get down to the bussiness. To download Youtube video is very easy (but maybe a little bit annoying too), all what you have to do is just to copypass a short script into your address bar (beside the normal steps of course). Read the below carefully, i tell you how you can download a Youtube video using your phone.

Say you're looking for a video of Coldplay on Youtube. What you have to do is just to:

1. Switch your browser to desktop view. You must.
2. Go to Youtube and make sure you access the desktop version, not mobile version.
3. Type in your query and perform a search.
4. Click on the result shown.
5. After, paste the following script in your address bar and click go.

Now pay attention on the options below the preview of the video you mean to download, there should be a download link available now. Just click the link, and next you'll know what you have to do.

There are just a few options of video extension to download, and "the worst" extension that you're more likely to download is mp4. So, here if you want to have the video converted into an extension that your phone supports it, then you have to convert it your self. - There are many converters that you can try today, neither software and online converter. To online converter, i've ever published an article that you may wanna read it, just go here.

That's it guys. Good luck.


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