Tuesday, April 19, 2011
how to download youtube's files using phone ?, the answer is "realy easy"

well, everybody... one more trick i'd like to share with you in this blog. "a trick to download youtube files using phone". no matter whatever phone that you have.

actually this is not that something new. since a long time ago many blogger have already posted a lot of tricks in connection with this matter., and today just like the other poeple, just like them, just like the most of blogger, now i'd like to tell you a site which with this site you are assumed to be able to have youtube files getting converted into any video formats like what you want. for instance, you can as to convert into 3gp, mp4, flash, avi, and more.

as you too knew maybe that it's just impossible that a phone or even pc (maybe) is capable to just download youtube files without any assist from another one. if you are a firefox user, may it won't be a matter that only to download youtube files. and you too don't need to go anywhere for searching such an online converter, cuz your phone/maybe pc is already in compliance with the need to play such a file format. but what about those of the old phones, or even the wholeheartedly-made phones that support only those of java program ?. beside the browser realy has no capability to perform a download, the phone obviously doesn't support such a file format, too. therefore you need to implement a conversion in order to be able to play youtube files right on your old phone. or even on your suck phone...

one more trouble is that it seems untill now there's no any video converter yet is available for any old/even suck phone. as such you need double help in order to be able to download, and to convert such a file format. - well, read the following carefully:

to make a convert for such a file you can utilize the www.online-convert.com 's excelence, which it'll get you a bit annoyed as you'll need to copy paste a url., actually there are so many sites offer the same service just like the online-convert.com serves you. you can search for it yourself through google if you want so, cuz here i'll just share one trick which is by using "it".

how to is simply easy:

1) first, go to youtube and copy the page's url of file that you want to download and convert.
2) then go to "www.online-convert.com ".
3) decide "to be converted into what extension the file you are about to convert" by selecting one of the extensions in the video column option, and then click "Go" button. (or search for a link titled (example) "convert to 3gp", then click on the link).
4) after, you'll find a page where you'll be asked if to convert file from your device or by url.
5) take you make a convert by url, which means you are to paste the youtube file's url you have in the column.
6) click on the convert button on the bottomost layer and wait for untill the conversion is complete. which "complete", means must be there a notification and link titled "direct download" on page. you'll need to reload the page here. and for your information, don't leave the page where you make a convert, as such might you'll lose your file/to repeat from the begining where you start to convert. supposing that you wanna go anywhere, you better open a new page or copy the url so you won't lose your conversion.

# in order to be a bit more clearer, take a look at the following page of youtube, or just pay attention on the link: http://m.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&client=mv-google&hl=en&v=V-YDthYb3fQ (this is an example link that you gotta copy pas)

# ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: if you'd like to convert from video into mp3 (sound), as such i suggest you specify the paramater for output. like audio bitrate, frequency, and channel. just specify the parameter even though you realy have no knowledge about it. otherwise the sound will be much fade away (actually "not too bad").


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