Sunday, April 03, 2011
Nagesh player is an application that enables you to play quite much multimedia files on your java enabled phones. such are to play files packed in avi format, 3gp, mp3, midi, wma, and much more
but, according to my experience, it seems that this player application won't work properly on some particular phones. "for your estimation", long time ago i ever had a java phone branded cross, type cb90. anytime i ran this application on the phone i just mentioned above this application didn't work realy maximally. it could just play a few files that were supported by this my proper phone and that was not video files. such were mp3, midi, amr, and some more "realy common audio files". it just couldn't work when i tried to play 3gp, mp4, flash, avi, or even some quite popular file formats though in the setting menu i could adjust what kinds of multimedia files to be enabled to play

but now, where i'm using nokia 5130 c-2, this application enables me to play some more files. with nagesh player such is installed on this my nokia phone i can even play 3gp file that which this my nokia supports this file too just like "the cross". but it just can't play unsupported files like flash, avi, or such is mp4, etc

from all appearances, it think this application is reasonable that be able to get you to play avi, flv, mp4, or even any files your phone and this player application support
anybody, i think it's just fine to give it a try to prove or even just to answer what you may be curious about, isn't it?

well, if you do not have it yet and getting interested to try this one, then all you need is just to click the following link. but i'm sorry, it seems that the flyproxy and concealme apparently are getting down, so i'm just linkin' the original url. and here you're looking for:

nagesh player (3 in 1 media player).jar (wait a few seconds prior to download this file hosted at 4share)., "how can i download files hosted at 4shared using this my too much old phone?, tricks to download 4shared's files using phone


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