Saturday, April 16, 2011
well, anybody, a good news again for you the lovers of the opmod. about a/two weeks ago the operamini mod 4.2 rc4 such was released with some new features added. and yesterday, a/two weeks after the operamini mod rc4 released., finally, again, a new version of the opmod has already been released. "Operamini mod 4.2 rc5"

but yesterday seemed this latest version of the operamini mod had not been translated yet into english language. or in another term: this new opmod only available in rusian language. yesterday

but just like i said, you don't worry about to run this newest version soon on your phone within english language, cuz usually it doesn't need a long time the modifiers to modify the language of the opmod., now you can believe it. i just don't know who has tranlated but an english version of this latest version of the opmod is now available for you to download

and, by the way,. other than english i've even got you indonesian an opmod 4.2 rc5 in your native language. just, as "the someone" said, may it's not realy perfect. so, up to you, just choose the one you prefer to use

below are two links from my site you can click

1) for the operamini mod 4.2 rc5 in indonesian, you can click here. and.,

2) for the operamini mod rc5 in english, you can click here

# additional information: for the sake of the satisfaction of your feeling that may be curious about the new features added in this newest version, i've fixed a link that will explain about to you by realy detail. here it is link of the explanation of the operamini mod 4.2 rc5


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