Thursday, April 07, 2011
how to download 4shared's files using my phone ??. "yea, this question is not that something new. long time ago when my first time having a mobile phone, i was just like you who are now getting confused of downloading files on 4shared. i was often getting mad. anytime i found a file that was hosted at 4shared i was just unable to download it.

but finally, after a long enough time i found a solution to overcome this matter. someone on a site somewhere explained on the post how to download files on 4shared just using a phone.
i was so excited and then read the post carefully hoping that i wouldn't miss any important thing... and just like you can see, now i be the one who's sharing this trick.

well, read the following carefully:

1) works on any browser: in order to be able to download files on 4shared you can utilize some services of the following sites:

1. 0.facebook .com. mebapp. com
2. www.
3. www. concealme. com

as you too knew that when you rely solely on a browser to download a file hosted at 4shared without any trick you just can't find the download link for the file you intend to download. it happens because your browser (or your smart phone maybe) has no capability to display it. actually the link is loaded, but it's invisible. and with this's assist, its invisible link will be loaded and be shown up on your screen.

well, what should i do in order to be so?

simply easy, just visit the site "www. and then type your url in the column available, and later this will open the page you are requesting. just give it a try and see, how very easy it is.

2) works only on those of the opera 4.2.

beside can use the above trick, the users of opera 4.2 can also use this trick. with this trick they don't need any assist from any site, but all they need to do is just to type the following code in the address bar:

Copypass the code.

That's all...


  1. @Muhammad Endi : You're welcome brother. :)

  2. that is awesome..............thanx u so much......