Wednesday, April 27, 2011
well, anybody. just like you know that the operamini mod 4.2 rc4 handlerui 200 beta 4 that's been released a few weeks ago does not realy work proprerly. or in another term it could be called "unsucessful creation"

of course you are disappointed with this unsucessful creation of the yk handler (i mean "it's normal that a human makes a mistake" ?), aren't you?, but it seems that your disappointment is soon to be faded away. for the sake of the opmod handler version lovers the yk handler has already released a new two handler versions of the 4.2 rc4 just a few days ago, or could be yesterday. "operamini mod (opmod) 4.2 rc4 handlerui 123 and 200 beta 4 rev2"

this two handler versions of the rc4 both can run beautifully on my phone. but there is only one new feature i've found as using the one of this two latest versions so far. that is the 0 navigation by the yk handler ("perhaps") which the function you know better than me

but unfortunately., other than that new feature, seems there's an unexpected thing too. when i try to play mp3 file through the file manager, the player doesn't work. it just can't play my mp3 file., but i don't know if to read other media files

therefore, i suggest you: do not straight away delete your old version of the opmod handler just after you get the younger version. but keep it for your back up

and bla., bla., bla., i think it's enough here to fuss at you., and whitout any long: if you do not have it yet and interest to try, then you can click the following links to get it soon. but a bit sorry, i'm getting lazy of making move. means you need to unzip the below files yourself -- "don't know how to extract/unzip the files??, or want to extract the files on-line?". read this: "unzip files as you are on-line"

or "unzip your files using file manager"

# additional information: in case you wanna know the change log/new features added in this opmod 4.2 rc4. you can visit the following site: link of the explanation of the opmod 4.2 rc4's change log

to download the files:

1) opmod 4.2 rc4 handlerui 123

2) opmod 4.2 rc4 handlerui 200 beta 4


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