Monday, April 04, 2011
anybody, today's post isn't about java application. special today i wanna discourse on my experience in downloading files at 4shared as a free user but the service the same with those of a premium user

each browsers have their own unique features offered. you know it too of course. and in the care on downloading at 4shared, the only java browser that's able to get you, the free users of 4shared, as though you download as a premium user, which as a premium user you are able to pause, resume, pause, and resume again your download at anytime, not after your download is complete, of course. that is no other except the bolt browser

but a pity, for the wait-time you still have to wait to download your file till the wait time defined for your file download is completely countered

about the speed of download, you don't worry. this browser has a fairly good quality in case of download speed. according to my experience, i think this browser can give a download speed as fast as the opmod can give it

well, that short is all what i wanna tell and all what i wanna share. actually i wanna write a bit more, but realy, there's no more important thing can be shared
and by the way, in case if you suddenly get interested to try this browser, you can browse it on this blog, which you can take a look on the post list at the right side to find it, or even by using the google search at the bottom that will show only my articles as the search results


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