Tuesday, September 11, 2012
UA Changer: Change Nokia S60v3 User Agent. What is UA/User Agent? In simple way, UA is your phone identity. It's saying "who are you". When you access a webpage, your phone is known by the page by reading that UA.

Say you open your facebook using Nokia 3315. Such, facebook will serve you the page that's been set for Nokia 3315 view. If there is no such a view found, then it will either tell you that your device is not supported by the site or it will serve you another view that may fit your device. But it will more likely tell you that your device is not supported, and here is where UA Changer supposed to be.

There are no any features in this application except a list of UA names that you can select. Pay attention to the screenshot below, that is the only feature that you'll find in this application.

User Agent Changer Nokia S60v3

This application is just small in measurement, however it belongs to python application, so you'll also have to install python launcher to run this application. Get your python launcher here: Python Launcher Nokia S60v3

Here to download your UA Changer. Through adf.ly: UA Changer Nokia S60v3

Have fun everybody. :)


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