Monday, October 10, 2011
Did you know ?. Python is one program that at the begining of its launching was solely intended for use with computer, but as the time always goes on this program has at last been remodified / redesigned by someone heading to the program to run on phones. And as you can see that now the program is also available for phone, or may exactly for symbian s60 versions.

There are so many applications as well as script of python that you can find nowadays, from clock, screensaver, till file manager applications all are available to download, So this program may be usefull for your symbian phone. The only thing that you should be aware of is that this program will create so many script in a folder titled "libs" in the folder sistem. Actually i just don't know whether the script will affect the phone's performance or not, i just think that "who knows that they're indeed affecting the phone's performance, isn't it a good thought ?.

In the python's rules mentioned, that first of all, in order to be able to run any application or even script of its python the user has to install "the 3 basic python" intended as the foundation /builder /installer for any other python application that you may intall. They are:

1. Python.
2. Python Modules.
3. Python Script Shell.

Whereas python has been created since a long time ago now it has some basic versions to choose, and the latest basic python is version 1.7, i think. And that its latest version is available only for S60V3, while for S60V1 and V2 are able to run for its latest version is of 1.6.0. And fortunately i got it so may i can share the file with you. Just, to the python modules and script shell as such are not of the same version with. to the python modules i got a version of 1.33.5 while to the script shell i got a version of 1.45. So they are: python 1.6.0, modules 1.33.5, and script shell 1.45. (this is for S60V2 N70-1)

Here are the download links for each python above. Through

Nokia S60v3. Choose One Of This Fullpack Python:

Nokia S60v2. Install the file below. It's a full pack, you don't need to install python module and scriptshell with it.

Nokia S60v1. Sorry, i packed your python in zip together with S60v2.

Just remember that almost every .sis file will expand theirself after installation so result in the size be much different than before.

Have fun everybody. :)


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