Thursday, October 20, 2011
Well, this could be what you discovered on my blog lately after you did click on a thread, didn't you ?. I, the owner of this blog, just knew about it a few days ago. At the first time i discovered this pop under i thought that it was an eror from my browser which then continue to a thought of my blog being hacked by a hijacker after i discovered that it quite often displayed on my blog. But not, it wasn't.

That pop up was displayed because it was a feature of one ad service which i use it as yet, "www. bidvertiser. com. If you are one of their users then might you too got the same problem with what i got, didn't you ?. The whys and wherefores this pop up suddenly displayed on your website is because of the bidvertiser's default setting is set to automatically display it. They (bidvertiser) say it will result in much higher conversion bonuses in your monthly payment (the true fact i've been credited us $0.00 of displaying it a few moments).

How to stop this pop up to display on your blog is simply easy. I'll write the way to disable it in a list style so may it will be much easier to digest. Here we go:

1. Go to your bidvertiser account.

2. Look for the publishers or advertisers center button (depends on type that you use), which so far they locate it yet on top of your bidvertiser page.

3. Do click on the manage bidvertisers, manage toolbars, or manage xml button located below the publishers and advertisers button. Just click on the one of the above buttons mentioned according to the ad that you have activated.

4. Point your cursor to the bottomost layer then look for a button titled preference and do click on.

5. Will be listed some options to set: Display Slider Ads, Display eBay Ads, Display Image Ads, Display Pop-Under Ads, Primary Language Of Your Site, etc. - Herein what you should choose to set the service unshown is the Display Pop-Under Ads. To do so, just tick on a "radio" titled no beside the "Display Pop-Under Ads (title).

6. Click the update button to save your change.

Go to your site to check whether the pop up is still loaded or not. May you'll have to open your site in a private browsing that have opened it one time at the day you make the change. If you are successful to unshow it well my congratulations for. but if not then may it's understandable that you are crying and breaking your device. Good luck everybody... :)


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