Thursday, October 20, 2011
Well, just like the above title now i'd like to share a trick in connection to your blogspot blog, again. "show one or more images just like what you want on your blogspot header. By making this trick your blog header is assumed to be able to show some images randomly.

I know this is not that something new, many bloggers have already published this trick since a long time ago and may still be held till nowadays. So, to you who are already in the know about this i'll let you to leave this post if you want to do so. "what can i do to keep you still read this post anyway ?.

1. First of all, copy the html code below which i have intentionly put it in a text box heading to facilitate you to copy and get its set-code as is:

Copy the below code.

the above is a code originally from my template which loads 6 images on header, so if you decide to use the above code without any remodification first though then you'll find the images that are shown on your header are the same images with what my header does load. As such if you have your own images for and want to show 'em all up on your header then you can simply replace my image urls in the above script with your own urls to have them be like what you wanted. The following is an example of one my image url:

With the above script you will be able to set the number of images that you want to show on your header. The only thing that you should notice is that you should set matched the number of the var random=Math.floor
with the number of images that you intend to show on. For instance, if you would like to show 9 images then you should set the above script be like this: var random=Math.floor

2. Get in your blogger home.
3. Go to your template design.
4. Do click on the Edit HTML.
5. Download or copy the whole html code of your template for back up.
6. Put the code i have just given to you in the step 1 above the following code: < h e a d e r >
7. Save your changes.
8. You're done.

If by making the above way the images do not appear then try to put the code of the step 1 "just wherever betwen (inside) the element "body". It could be like this: < b o d y > ... < / b o d y > or could even be this: < b o d y e x p r : cla s s = ' & quo t ; loa ding & quo t ; + d ata: blo g.m obile Cl a ss ... "And much more codes again till ends on the < / b o d y > )

Check if the script works or otherwise not by going to your blog and open /go to a new page without leaving your blog (or simply reload your page) while noticing the image on your header. If it's changed after reload then the script is working. Supposing that it is not working, then might, the most likely cause of it is may be cuz this code is intended for use with those of the "simple template" like the one that i'm using now. I just put the code above the tag "header" and it's been working till today.

And, my blog header has approximately 860px large and 340 high by the way. I have forgot the exact measurement of it...


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