Sunday, October 02, 2011
Has come its handlerui 202 version for the latest opmod, Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 10 Handlerui 202. yea, in the last one or two days ago dzebb has announced its release of his latest handler version on the opmod. To be honest, just like i've said a few days ago in my post on Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 10 En, i just don't know about the features that are offered by this latest version of dzebb's handler app, i mean "i know the features, just, i've never tried yet this one". And here are some features/changes that you'll find in this beta 10 handlerui 202.

At: 09/20/2011


=> Added the use of alternative encodings for drawing text. The program is registered in the code conversion of UTF-8 -> Windows-1251. Now, perhaps an indication of their conversion tables to its art type.

An external style encoding file ", located in the same folder as the font file ("F_b.ftb", "F_r.ftb", "F_b.png", "F_r.png"). Read together with font files. A table is a binary file, which prescribed code-UTF characters hand - drawn font (font file structure remains the same) to the position where this code (or rather, a halving of the code position "the position of a character in the picture). For example, the Cyrillic character "a" is equal to UTF8 code 0x430, with the cards and pictures font, this character is at position 192. increment it by two (the size of submission code UTF8 " 0x0000 .. 0xFFFF) and have a position 384 (0x180), ie in the file table in position 384 (0x180) should be code 0x0430: 0180h: April 30 .. .. .., by analogy, all positions are filled with code symbols used in a drawing font.

Unused characters are filled with code 0x0000. In position 120 (on currently available figures hand-drawn font) is the image of a character not included in this table.

=> Proxy CMWAP (
=> Correction to the font height (Padding).
=> Virtual keyboard for direct input fields. (touch screens only)


=> Touchscreen selection of checkboxes and radio across the width of the text, for conventional screens "picture only crows or radio. In addition to radio and checkboxes with additional images" such is always the full width).
=> Lists of the pages are designed as an overlay.
=> Change in algorithm sort the rows with numbers.
=> Changing the display of some input fields for multi-display.
=> Jackdaw on completion, the address is removed. Auto-completion list automatically used in the input box address.
=> Reset custom font installed on an error to work with.
=> In a single-line text box if there is no list for a field, pressing the "Up"/"down" moves the cursor to the beginning and end of the text, respectively.


=> Edit override keys quickly scroll pages (2468) in landscape mode.
=> Correction of converting a character code in the position in the custom font.
=> Edit handling change folders when saving pages.
=> Edit streaming.
=> Edit session restore a normal type of cache.
=> There was a cyclical scroll the list of tabs.
=> Edit selection input field in the templates.
=> Optimizing rendering darkening on pages.
=> Optimization by FTP.



=> View of open lists is selected in the settings of the "Navigation".


=> Edit to limit the rendering of light conditions.
=> Edit stylus on hidden commands in the show off curbs when showing the menu.
=> Edit drawing showing off the keyboard when the borders.
=> Edit auto-characters.
=> In virtual keyboard on some phones do not recruited characters.
=> In virtual keyboard could not quickly gain the same symbol.
=> Edit creating fonts.
=> Edit a cache on the disk.
=> Edit to install over previous versions of the beta 10-enabled previous font.
=> Edit the auto-key pressed in direct input.
=> Edit virtual keyboard display after changing the screen orientation.
=> Edit cursor to the end of a one-line text when you move down.

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