Friday, September 30, 2011
Well, a few days ago dgsc has released a new opmod again, Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 10. I don't realy know about the new features have been added into this latest version, cuz i haven't ever used this version as yet. I still keep faith on operamini mod 4.21 beta 7 which is signed version. I've tried to search for beta 10 signed version but i found no results, all the opmod offered were those of the unsigned, so i decided to still use this old version.

Well, some poeple say "some improvements of this latest version of the opmod are like:

1. No more rusian links in bookmark which usually it had to be remodified again to get rid of those links.
2. Advanced user mode: now if you activate this feature then you'll find your view when opening a website alike to the facebook view which almost everything is blue made.
3. Advanced inline/direct text input: now you can manage its large of the text box as you like. To set this feature you can go to the setting field on text.

Well, that's all i know everybody. You can click the following links to download its your lovely browser: Opera mini mod 4.21 beta 10.jar
Opera mini mod 4.21 beta 10.jar original link

don't be confused to rename the file ".jar1 to .jar". file is hosted at 4share.


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