Friday, September 30, 2011
Well, now i wanna share a free antivirus for nokia symbian 2nd s60v2 phone users which sure they are in need of protection from viruses just like how other smart phones users need. for now i'd like to share one antivirus which is already installed in my N70 phone too, Mcafee Antivirus.

This antivirus has a size approximately 329 kb, and will expand itself after intallation and results in the size being converted into 970 kb or there abouts. For the features, this antivirus has a complete enough features, those are:

1. update menu: could be grabbed only through the internet connection.
2. menu/option (in setting field and option before performing a scan) to determine whether to delete, clean, read only, or to quarantine infected files that may be found when scanning your device.
3. Real protection: to enable or disable the application to run in background, which it is looking for viruses that may accidentally be installed into your phone when you're accessing the internet, opening bluetooth, or whatsoever it is.
4. Schedule scan settings: to set the application if to automatically perform a scan at a time you specify or otherwise not, this has some options:
- 6 hours: will automatically run the application every six hours.
- day: will automatically run the application once a day.
- week: weekly, will automatically run the application.
- 2 weeks: will automatically run the application every two weeks.
- never: to disable the function.
- etc.
5. Update setting.
6. Size settings: to determine the size limit of quarantine to isolate infected files, plus log size.
7. And more.

One more thing you should know is that Just like other antiviruses this one will slow or in another term it will affect your phone's performance on reading, accessing, etc. Though may this Mcafee won't affect as hard as the kaspersky does. this Mcafee is a bit more lighter, and would be better lighter supposing that you switch off every program of that run in the background. like real time protection, for example. Or may you could use it only a time for one intallation like i've ever recommended before.

Well, here you should go to get this antivirus: Mcafee antivirus.sis
Mcafee antivirus.sis original link.


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