Thursday, September 01, 2011
New features and optimization:

1. Application Center: provide all kinds of interesting and useful applications, support for custom tailored. Wireless Internet clean sweep, shake hands to make the rich resources.
2. Reading mode: reading mode optimization and upgrading, according to [1] to enter read mode, automatically pre-read and display the next content, a screen in the end, smooth effort.
3. Optimization of the scroll bar: scroll bar to further optimize the visual effect, increasing the page layout area.
4. The new Brightness Adjustment: supporting multiple levels of backlight
brightness adjustment, provide amore comfortable and healthy for your Web browsing experience.
5. Process Flow optimization tips page loading position to address the image loading
process does not flow as prompted.

Test points:

- Application Center (entrance: Bookmark the right icon): test add, move, delete application
is normal
- Read mode (entry: wap page with links to pre-read the case, press 1 to open the menu into the readingmode ): testing page layout, moving the focus, program screen operation (touch screen phone).
- Properly, the scroll bar related test: whether the scroll bar to show the normal, would not affect the page layout.
- Brightness adjustment function (entry: Menu – Settings – Brightness adjustment ): Test page showing avariety of brightness is normal.
- After modification of the menu font size and layout of the pages are normal.
- The default skin to show the effect.

Originally from: http:// www. uc-browser- 8-0-3-99 -handler.html. by: dzebb

download from dzebb: - I'm not sure about the language for this uc. - In indonesian language.


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