Friday, September 16, 2011
the Present Continuous is intended for use to tell events that are going on. Yea, it sounds the same with the simple present, but not <-> Pay attention on the following examples of the simple present and present continuous.

- Simple present: he goes to school every morning.
- continuous tense: he's working at pt. International soap.

Could you feel the difference betwen ?. Or, you need some more minutes to compare ?. Everything is fine dude. Just leave it if you think it's a bit annoying, you can still read it again tomorrow or next time however. Just bookmark this page so you can go back here directly anytime you want. i promise you i won't ever limit your visit...

The formulation you should addhere to to arrange sentences using this form of tenses are:

1. Positive: S + Tobe + Verb Ing.
2. Negative: S + Not + Tobe + Verb Ing.
3. Interrogative/Question: Tobe + S + Verb Ing

Did you know what is verb ing ?. Verb ing means verb + ing <-> Read the following carefully:

- Work + ing= working.
- Study + ing= studying.
- Eat + ing= eating.
- Fish + ing= fishing.
- Etc.

Some specific verbs are having a rule to addhere that you'd like to use them to pair with ing, you can make a search through google that you want to do so, cuz i won't explain about this any further as it'll be too much long to explain. While the most verbs are not, you may just put the ing on the ending letter.

Example sentences for each the above form

1. Positive: S + Tube + Verb Ing

- you are studying at smp 3 jakarta (you are= you're).
- i am working now (I am= i'm).
- he is crying for its cake (he is= he's).
- john is trying to adorn his house (john is= john's).

2. Negative: S + Tube + Not + Verb Ing

- you are not studying at smp 3 jakarta (are not= aren't).
- i am not working now (i am not= i'm not).
- he is not crying for its cake (is not= isn't).
- john is not trying to adorn his house.

Grab something ?. That's right!. We need only to add the not after tobe to arrange sentences this form. That is all what differentiate betwen.

3. Interrogative: Tobe + S + Verb Ing

- are you studying at smp 3 jakarta.
- am i working now.
- is he crying for its cake.
- is john trying to adorn his house.

Or even this form: What, Where, Who, Or some kind + Tube + S + Verb Ing

- hey kid, what are you doing here ?... Are you Soaping ?.
- where is your father dude ?. i need to talk with him.
- who are those annoying trying to rob its my property ?.
- what is john trying to tell actually ?.

"One more form to note: passive voice - all the above forms of the present continuous are those of active voice. To change its active into passive voices the following formulation is what you have to addhere to:

Object + Tobe + Being + Verb 3.


- john is eating cake= cake is being eaten by john.
- he is creating a new write= a new write is being created by john.
- you are completing the task= the task is being completed by you.
- i am launching some new songs again= some new songs are being launched by me, again.
And so forth.

One advanced information

1. the present continuous is for use to tell events that are happening, even though the events are not being made. Example: i'm studying at sma negeri 5 jakarta now.

2. to tell events that are held in future/next time. Example: i'm performing a party tomorrow, could you please come to join the party ?.

3. to tell events that are held. Example: i'm reading a book of john.



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