Sunday, September 11, 2011
Blog, Blog is an application, place, or say it a space inside the web /internet where we can create as well as store articles "or may we can also store a vary files such as pictures, music, videos, etc. one of so many free blogs that are quite popular today is blogspot (blogger) which is provided by google. you can access to the site through www. blogspot .com or www. blogger. com

Well, to create your own blog on this site the following steps are what you'll need to complete:

1) email address: One of some conditions that must be met in order to be able to register /create a blog on (or wherever it is) is that you must have an email address, haven't you known already about ?. - so if you don't have it yet, please go to get one. i recommend that you register on gmail (ww w.gmai which the service is provided by google. by using this service you'll be more easier and even have an access to grab on every services by google. such as blogger, wordpress, youtube, 4shared, and many more.. in case that you don't know how to create an email on, please make use of google search and look for a guide. or wait for my next article if you have a lot of patience. :)

2. Go to www.

3. log in using your user name and gmail password. on the top right there is an option /link to change the language of the site. use it if you want to do so

4. Click link titled CREATE YOUR BLOG.

5. name your blog and give it a url /address as you want
(i.e.***** . blogspot .com). here, what you should pay attention on is that the url you entered for will be used permanently. unless that you make use of the custom domain name or delete the blog, you won't be able to change its url /blog address - therefore, make sure that you are really "sip" with the url before continue any further.

6. check the availability of the url you are applying and click continue if it's available.

7. select a template that you think good, and click continue - your template can still be changed after registration.

8. Here, your account /blog is actually has already been made. it means that you've just got a blog. "but", you still need to proceed a bit more further by clicking a link titled START BLOGGING to immediately start blogging ar creating a new article. otherwise the google's security (anti- spam engine) will assume or may be badder blocking /locking your blog as a spam. just write anything, no need any length for it. the essence is you should publish a post although you may simply write only a letter "A".

well, that's all everybody. just as easy to create a blog on. perfect your blog, adorn your blog as fine as possible, put ads as much as you can. and finally, don't forget to prepare a large bug for your income. good luck!...


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