Thursday, August 11, 2011
latest update of the opmin handler: "operamini 5.1 handlerui 202". actually there is no update in this handler 5.1 by dzebb (dzebb is the one among the most wanted persons around the world just like the yk handler. did you know it ?), he (dzebb) just added the real host handler feature and made some changes on the interface so the view may now be a bit different with the older 200 handler version.

to me it's better using bolt or even opmod than to use this one. from all appearances opmin 5 or 6 as well, such is utterly nothing of greatness i think. try to use this one and compared to opmod or bolt. from the download speed, opening page, features, or even anything, all 5.1 has is just a general one. when perform a download on opmod and bolt i usually get a download speed approximately 5M/4 minutes with e-gprs connection, but when using opmin 5.1 it could be 5+. when browsing, i think bolt that could get me the faster loading. it's just like what poeple say over time that bolt is issued as the fastest browser, and i believe it. about the features, i think you don't need my explanation cuz once you open opmods then you could compare it yourself - and maybe there are some more common features of the 5 and 6 that i don't know, and you that know.

so, after all... do you think it's fine to use this one ?... or you have another importance causes you to download this browser of the opmin ?... well, as such you are permitted to click the following links:

opmin 5.1 handlerui 202.jar opmin 5.1 handlerui 202.jad


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