Friday, August 12, 2011
bolt browser has attained the version of 2.5.1. this browser is a great enough, it has some impressive features like flash support that enables the users to play/stream youtube video just on their phones, and more. previously this browser has already been remodified by the yk handler with a handler menu, and now it's been remodified again for the second time by dzebb into handlerui 202 by adding the real host in the handler menu.

and to be the lesser features this browser's offering like the following:

- loads complete web pages in seconds
- patented navigation and display technologies get you where you're going faster
- view streaming flash or HTML5 videos from sites like youtube, facebook and MTV
- enjoy twitter and facebook widgets with BOLT's web app platform
- easily switch between multiple sites with tabbed browsing
- post to your facebook or twitter account directly from BOLT while you browse
- backup your favorites in the cloud
(in simple it's a syncronization)
- full desktop PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones
- run Web-based applications like Mafia Wars and Google Docs
- web content is never reformatted, repurposed, or removed
- browse any site with the best page rendering
- and more

well, if you'd like to download this browser then you can click the following links. but please you note that to download through the links 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 then you need to wait a moment prior to download, cuz it's on 4shared:

1.1. Bolt 2.50 beta 4 handlerui 200.jar
1.2. Bolt 2.52 Lite Handlerui 202
1.3. Bolt 2.52 Full Handlerui 202

in case you confront any trouble to download the above files then solve it yourself. here are the orign 4shared links from me: 1.4. Bolt 2.50 handlerui 200 beta 4.jar

1.5. Bolt 2.52 Lite Handlerui 202
1.6. Bolt 2.52 full handlerui 202

all bolt original versions: http:// boltbrowser .com/ cgi-bin /overlist


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