Friday, August 26, 2011
well, everybody!. i got a new great player again for your phone. but, unfortunately for java phone users you won't be able to make use and enjoy this player. "core codec player" for all symbian phones. just, for s60v3 and v5 users you please note that firstly you need to hack your phone, cuz i heard that your phone is troubled to install those of the unsigned, isn't it ?.

i'm sure, most of symbian users have already known about this media player that has a lot of features. with this player application you'll be able to play various media formats both to the common extensions or those of the uncommon extens, like 3gp, avi, mp4, flv, mpeg4, and may be more. or even to play your mp3 and family. and to open any of your images as well.

in addition, this player offers us with a complete enough changable parameters like equalizer, speed of the play, editable shortcuts, screen orientasions, and realy much more. this player has a quite large size, 2M or there abouts. and is packed in sis extens.

well, if you wish to download this player then you are permitted to do click on the following link:


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