Sunday, August 07, 2011
well, today is about the opmod which has released his new opmod again a few times ago. "operamini mod 4.21 beta 6". this browser is updated on ongoing basis so it has a realy huge features that no doubt you or even everybody knew about. and much more just as you knew (again) that the yk handler always "medles" in this dgsc project as he adds/remodifies the browser with handler and some other features, which with the handler feature we are assumed to get a free access of internet connection through the suppliers ("with the exact parameter":)

well, in this latest version of the opmod is not that realy much update, it has only one new feature:
"multi-field direct input". it's not included the features of the the yk handler of course - and, suppossing that you wanna know all changelogs of the opmods then you can go here: dgsc site

well, to everybody who may wish to download this browser then you are permitted to click the following link without any fee: opmod 421 beta 6 Handlerui 202 dzebb Correction <-> opmod 421 beta 6 Handlerui 202 dzebb Correction 1.jar


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